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SaPa love Market

In true Shakespearean fashion, a bitter quarrel erupted between the families, and the couple was forced to end the affair. Unable to bear the thought of never seeing each other again, they decided to meet on the same day every year in Khau Vai. Today, the site of the forbidden rendezvous is home to the love market.

Tall or short, sweet or sultry, they a...

Northwest Vietnam

Welcome to the roof of Vietnam, where the mountains of the Tonkinese Alps (Hoang Lien Mountains) soar skyward, their long shadows concealing some of the country`s best-kept secrets.

 The landscape is a rich palette that provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam. Forbidding and unforgiving terrain for lowlanders, the mountains have lo...

Muong Lay

Beneath Muong Lay`s beauty lies a difficult existence for locals. Despite a marked increase in tourist numbers, for most of the people it`s a hard living

 Far from busy trade routes, normal commerce is limited and the town has only been really successful in harvesting cash crops such opium and timber. Needless to say, opium harvesting does n...